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Professional Lawn Care & Services

Maintaining a beautiful lawn requires a lot more work than the occasional watering. From removing debris, removing weeds, keeping beds edged, and more, there are several tasks involved. Avoid the hassle of doing all the work on your own and count on a professional team to help you keep your outdoor spaces looking beautiful all year round. Our lawn care service has been efficiently and successfully helping Cherokee County residents for over 25 years.

Matias Lawn Services offers homeowners, landlords, and business owners in Canton and surrounding areas weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly lawn care maintenance plans. We are experts in the field and will ensure your complete satisfaction after every visit, customizing our services to fit your needs. Proper lawn care ensures its longevity and healthiness. We pamper your yard by mowing the lawn, getting rid of weeds, blowing fallen leaves, planting flowers, edging your lawn, and more.

25+ Years Serving Residents in Canton and Surrounding Areas

Work with an experienced company in the field of gardening, lawn care, and landscaping. Matias Lawn Services will cater to your specific needs when it comes to maintaining a beautiful, green, and healthy lawn.


Lawn Maintenance

Bed Maintenance

Turf Maintenance


Spring Clean-Up

Fall Clean-Up


Tree Work

Property Maintenance

Power Washing

Pest Control

Weed Control


Turf Enhancements

Horticulture Services

Outdoor Lighting

Holiday Lighting

Take Proper Care of Your Lawn

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