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We are a landscape and lawn care service company located in Canton with more than 25 years of experience in the field of installation and creation of gardening. We have provided quality, dependable, and comprehensive service to both commercial and residential clients. Moreover, our goal is to provide you with a customizable service that can fit your needs.

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Designing the perfect yard can be quite stressful. So we’re committed to help you develop a landscape design to make your home the talk of the neighborhood.

Receive the highest level of detail and quality work that you can rely on. We’re passionate about the outdoors and nature, so naturally we want to provide you with the best quality service in landscaping and lawn care found in Cherokee County, Georgia.


Create a beautiful and functional landscape for your home or commercial property. Optimize the space of your outdoor area. Whether you’d like to add space for dinner parties, an area for kids to play, space for your pets to run or just a nice spot outside to read a book, we can help your dream project come true.


Avoid the hassle of doing lawn care chores on your own and leave it to the professionals. You can have a beautiful garden with a variety of shrubs, flowers and trees. Keep the plants healthy and happy. Connect with nature without having to leave your property.


Pamper nature’s lungs. Shape your landscape just the way you want it and give all of your trees a healthier look. We offer a wide variety of services such as tree stump grinding, root removal, tree pruning, tree trimming, and tree removal services.

Help Mother Nature from home! A nice selection of flowers can help the bees with pollination and in turn give nectar to said bees to feed their colonies. Let’s not forget their beautiful colors and scents that improve anyone’s day.

It’s not only about having an appealing or beautiful yard. Good landscaping can transform unused spaces in your property into functional outdoor spaces without risking the health of the plants and ecosystem you have living there. Good design can also prevent soil erosion and flooding, ensuring a healthy and long lasting garden or lawn.

Have your own ecosystem in your property. Have cleaner air with a wide selection of plants, reduce air pollutants that may be around your home with properly planned landscaping.

All our services:

  •         Irrigation
  •         Lawn Maintenance
  •         Bed Maintenance
  •         Turf Maintenance
  •         Pruning
  •         Spring Clean-Up
  •         Fall Clean-Up
  •         Mulching
  •         Tree Work
  •         Tree Planting


  •         Property Maintenance
  •         Power Washing
  •         Pest Control
  •         Weed Control
  •         Fertilization
  •         Turf Enhancements
  •         Horticulture Services
  •         Outdoor Lighting
  •         Holiday Lighting
  •         Cleaning

Lawn Care

Llawn care service every week, every two weeks, or a year round agreement with no contract.

Tree Service

Tree stumps left on the ground can lead to problems with suckering.


We will create a beautiful and functional landscape for your home or commercial property.

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